The Race is carried out in teams of two participants each. The result in the Race is measured in time, and at the different stations during the Race the teams can be given a reduction or addition in time beyond the time it takes to execute the tasks given at the stations. The team with the shortest total time will be appointed as winners of the Race.

The aim is that the Race shall be physically intellectually demanding, through the time and distance in the Race. It will test your endurance and your ability to stay sharp after some time in the field. Well balanced and thought through decisions will affect the reduction and addition of time, which means that the mental status of the teams will affect the result during the Race. The teams will be exposed to dilemmas where the time for solving the tasks and the quality of the solution of the given task must be considered.

The participants will, among other things, do land navigation on different maps and aerial photos, and also be given the possibility to accept challenges with possibilities for a reduction in time. The participants will also be tested in different physical exercises, and stations where the ability to think correct under time pressure will be tested.

As one kilometer always is one thousand meters and one kilogram always is one thousand grams, regardless of the age and sex of the participants, there will be only one class in the Race.

The Race is open for everyone, and the teams may be mixed freely without regard to age and/or sex.

All participants must be 18 years of age at the day of the Race.

The Race

The Race will start at the morning of September the 7th 2019 in the Airborne Camp in Karlsborg.

The participants will not be able to take part of any official results before they have finished the Race.

Participants can drop out of the Race at any time if they so wish, and they will then be picked up at the next station.

If a physical injury occurs, that needs an immediate transport or attention by a medic/doctor, the participants drops out of the Race by calling for medical assistance.

Participants that are not expected to reach the goal within the expected timeframe can be encouraged by the officials to drop out of the Race. This encouragement must be obeyed and the participants will not be able to end the Race as planned. The participants will then be transported to the Airborne Camp by the Race officials. The purpose of this rule is to have as many of the participants as possible at the price ceremony, and the rule thereby also defines the term ”expected timeframe”.

Officials at the stations will give instructions for the execution of the task at the stations, and sometimes also the rules for judging the results of the execution of the task given.

During the Race it will be possible to refill liquid – Carried food may be eaten any time during the  Race.

The price ceremony will take place September the 8th during the afternoon.

Terrain and location

The Race will mainly take place along the same route as the Eagle March, carried out yearly by all serving Swedish Paras. The Race goes along dirt roads, paths, power lines and through woods and terrain where it can be more or less wet and muddy. The total distance for the Race will be at least 70 kilometers.


During the entire Race every team must carry a load of 40 kilos. This weight may be distributed within the team, after the judgement of the team itself.

The total weight will be controlled randomly at the start of the Race, at the finish line and during the Race. If the total weight is below 40 kilos, the team will be given a sixty minutes addition in time for each kilo below 40 kilos. This may be repeated at every station where the weight is controlled.

The pack should always include

  • Watch and compass /participant.
  • Matches or other device to make fire /participant.
  • Equipment for cooking and eating food – portable stove, cutlery, mugs and fuel /team.
  • Possibility to carry at least one liter of drinkable liquids/participant (thermos/bottle/camelback)
  • Headlamp with batteries for one night /participant.
  • Knife /participant.
  • Medical kit /team
  • Pencil, eraser and notebook /participant

Forbidden equipment during the Race is

  • GPS – or other equipment to determine position or measuring distances.
  • Mobile phone (see below)

Tips for useable equipment/necessities during the Race –  not mandatory

  • Rainproof clothes
  • Clothes for changing – dry socks and underwear.
  • Warm clothing – fleece sweater/jacket
  • Gloves
  • Power bars or similar
  • Plastic bags and map case to keep equipment, maps, and notebooks dry

The following will be handed out to the teams before start

  • Two main courses of food /participant

All equipment and necessities that the pair starts with should be brought along during the entire Race. It will not be possible to leave equipment to officials during the Race. All littering is prohibited!

Communications and safety

All participants will carry a mobile phone, that will be sealed before the start of the Race. The mobile phones are carried to be used in case of emergency and/or if the participants need to contact the Race officials for transportation or other reasons. Other use of the cellphone means that the pair is disqualified from the race.

Staff at the stations will produce and keep a list of all teams that have passed their station. When all teams have passed a station the staff will report to the Race direction.

A list with all current and valid mobile phone numbers will be handed out to the staff before the start of the Race.

Medical preparedness will be sustained during the Race through nurses and doctors who follows the Race participants, and continuously can be reached over their mobile phone.

All participants will certify before the start of the Race that they are healthy and that they participate in the Race at their own risk.

On the evening before the Race starts, a mandatory briefing will be held with participants in the Airborne Camp in Karlsborg.

After the Race the participants are offered to use the facilities in the Airborne Camp all day for recovery. All participants are responsible for making sure that they are in good enough shape to reach home after the Race.


Every participant are responsible for their own insurances during the Race.

Race direction and officials

The Race direction will be in the Airborne camp during the Race. Staff will be at the start, finish line and at all stations during the Race.

Instructions from Race officials should at all times be obeyed by the participants.


The Race will be documented in text, film and photos through the Race direction. The material can be used after the Race by the Swedish Para Veterans Association and/or REKYL on social media or other places.


The Race PER2019 will consist of a maximum of 200 participants, in 100 teams. If the number of registrations exceeds one hundred, the Race direction will choose the teams who will participate.

Registration is made in teams of two on the designated webpage with a motivation of why they should be chosen to participate. Registrations should be made no later than 22.00 CET, April 15th, and a preliminary list of participants will be presented no later than April 28th.

As the teams have been accepted to participate in the Race, the registration fee must be payed within 5 days. Immediately after the 5 days pairs that was not initially accepted will be given the opportunity to register by paying the registration fee. After that a list will be produced, containing pairs that can replace teams that have withdrawn their registration.

The entry fee of 1.590 SEK / 159 € per participant should be payed to The Swedish Paratroopers Veteran Association after the pair have been accepted to participate.


Refunds of entry fees will only be made if the participant enclose a verification from a medical doctor stating the person incapable of participating in the race due to an injury or equivalent. The refund are only valid for the participant with a verification from a medical doctor, not participants without a verification from a medical doctor even if you are in the same team. The Race will provide opportunities for new teams to be formed at the Race start if there are injuries or any other reasons why some teams are incomplete. Your application is final. No entry fee will be reimbursed by the Race Organisation. It is allowed to change one team member. No external sales of your entry is allowed. No entries can be deferred to another year. No entries can be deferred to another race